Chocolates & Confectionery
Product: NESTLÉ ALPINO Nestlé ALPINO™ is an international brand in Nestlé’s Confectionary portfolio since the 1950’s.It now comes to India as Nestlé’s first premium brand. Two crunchy chocolaty bonbons with a delicious creamy mousse center, each wrapped with a message of love, ALPINO™ is designed and destined to be shared with your loved one.
Product: NESTLÉ KITKAT NESTLÉ KITKAT is crisp wafer fingers covered with chocolayer. NESTLÉ KITKAT has a unique finger format with a ‘breaking' ritual attached to it. NESTLÉ KITKAT is one of the most successful brands in the world and every year over 12 billion NESTLÉ KITKAT fingers are consumed around the globe. So go ahead, have a BREAK and relish the great new taste!
Product: NESTLÉ BAR ONE NESTLÉ BAR ONE is a delightful combination of luscious nougat and caramel centre covered in delicious chocolayer. Its enjoyable taste and exciting packaging will treat you with an indulgent snacking experience. NESTLÉ BAR ONE is available at convenient price options of Rs. 5/- for 12g & Rs. 10/- for 22g.
Product: NESTLÉ MUNCH NESTLÉ MUNCH is the country’s most loved wafer choco-layer range of product. A great combination of rich, crunchy wafer and choco-layer, that has made every variant of MUNCH a delicious treat for fans across the country. Adding to this delectable legacy is the new introduction – Crunchiest Ever MUNCH 4X4 which has 4 layers of rich wafer and choco-layer. Promoting it is our new brand ambassador – Virat Kohli, who believes that every bite of MUNCH 4X4 is loaded with Crunchiest Ever Excitement. But that’s what he believes. Why not try it yourself?
Product: NESTLÉ CLASSIC NESTLÉ CLASSIC is a delicious tablet of chocolayer, available in two sizes – 18g and 36g. Launched in the Indian market in 1992, the product has and continues to be enjoyed by both young and old, across the country. NESTLÉ CLASSIC is an ideal sweet treat for all occasions. Made by Nestlé, Swiss chocolate makers since 1904.
Product: NESTLÉ MILKYBAR Give your kid the wholesome goodness of NESTLÉ MILKYBAR. A tasty, sweet and creamy treat that’s loaded with the goodness of milk in every bite. BITE INTO THE GOODNESS OF MILK!
Product: NESTLÉ Caramel Eclairs
Product: NESTLÉ Caramel Eclairs NESTLÉ Caramel Eclairs is made up of yummy caramel on the outside and delicious creamy filling inside. It’s the perfect single serve of indulgence for you.
Product: NESTLÉ Milkybar Eclairs
Product: NESTLÉ Milkybar Eclairs NESTLÉ Milkybar Eclairs made up of delicious caramel on the outside with the goodness and rich taste of Milkybar filling in the inside. An all time favorite.
Product: POLO
Product: POLO POLO was launched in India in 1993. Popularly known as ‘The Mint with the Hole’, it has the perfect balance of sweet and mint and has earned it’s space as an iconic confectionery brand. POLO mint sweets are shaped under immense pressure – roughly equivalent to two elephants jumping on it. POLO mints’ distinct flavor comes from high quality mint oil that is specially selected to give a smooth, clean and fresh flavor. So, go on and enjoy ‘The Mint with the Hole