Milk Products
Product: NESTLE EVERYDAY Did you know that NESTLÉ EVERYDAY is the No.1 selling dairy whitener in the country.^ It’s no wonder then, that in blind taste tests consumers ranked tea made with NESTLÉ EVERYDAY as their No.1 choice* for a perfect cup of tea. We use milk of the highest quality, sourced from well-looked-after cattle that are fed with the right nutrients. We also use our international dairy know-how to carefully dry and balance this milk without losing any of its goodness. So that you and your family can enjoy a thicker, milkier, tastier cup of tea.
Product: NESTLÉ SLIM Milk
Product: NESTLÉ SLIM Milk NESTLÉ SLIM Milk is the result of continuing efforts by Nestlé to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Delicious tasting NESTLÉ SLIM Milk has the same goodness of regular milk but only 0.2% fat, approximately 95% less fat as compared to cow or buffalo milk.
Product: NESTLÉ SLIM Dahi
Product: NESTLÉ SLIM Dahi Presenting yet another innovation from the Nestlé dairy portfolio - NESTLÉ SLIM Dahi The first low fat product in the category, this product is made from high quality pasteurized double toned milk and has no added preservatives. NESTLÉ SLIM Dahi is made with all the goodness of natural Dahi, but is now even healthier and better - it is low fat and every 100g serving provides as much as 35%* of your daily Calcium needs. All this in a Dahi that consistently matches consumer expectations in the core product deliverables of thickness, consistency and delicious taste. NESTLÉ SLIM Dahi – the tasty, low fat way to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Keep fit. Look good *RECOMMENDED DIETARY ALLOWANCE as per ICMR, 2004
Product: NESTLÉ ACTIPLUS Dahi NESTLÉ ACTIPLUS Dahi is a deliciously thick ‘n’ tasty low fat DAHI enriched with the goodness of more than 100 CRORE special PROBIOTICS in every serving (100g), which work hard everyday to ensure your digestive system is strong and healthy. What is Probiotic? Probiotic means “for life”. PROBIOTICS are good bacteria which unlike any other bacteria in ordinary DAHI are able to survive digestive juices better, to reach your intestine and help improve digestion. What is the special ACTIPLUS DAHI ADVANTAGE? NESTLÉ ACTIPLUS contains a unique strain of probiotic- from the Lactobacillus Acidophilus probiotic family- whose unique action in the intestine delivers many positive benefits which lead to a healthy digestive system. Every serve (100g) of NESTLÉ ACTIPLUS Dahi has the power of over 100 crore probiotics. When CONSUMED DAILY these cultures are more effective in the digestive system as they actively replace bad bacteria with good bacteria and keep your DIGESTION ROBUST & HEALTHY. What’s more – This Dahi is 98% fat free making it the ideal food choice for a fit and healthy lifestyle. *every serving of 100g
Product: NESTLÉ Real Fruit Yoghurts
Product: NESTLÉ Real Fruit Yoghurts NESTLÉ has introduced the Real Fruit Yoghurts range in Blueberry, Strawberry and Mango variants. This new innovation combines the goodness of natural yoghurt and real fruit and has been developed inline with the key consumer health trends and feedback from consumers. Being Low Fat, this product is the perfect healthy snack you have been looking for.