Kuk`s Suvidha Ready to Eat Chapattis are hygienically prepared from whole Wheat Atta, made by fully automatic machine without manual handling, using R.O., U.V, Ozonised water fully baked with No added preservative, vacuum packed.

  1. Ingredients
    1. Whole Wheat Atta, Refined oil, Salt and Water.
  2. Best Before One Week From Date of Manufacture when preserved in ideal Condition and Temperature
  3. Nutritional Value for Each Serving of 35 gms Approximately
    1. For each serving approximately
    2. Calories - 120k
    3. Proteins - 40.5 gms
    4. Carbohydrates - 24.3 gms
    5. Fat - 0.6
    6. Dietary Fibre - 0.66
  4. Preservation
    1. Refrigeration or Room Temperature
  5. Cooking Instruction
    1. Chapatis are Ready to Eat , But May be Microwaved for 30 sec or on Tava on 60 sec.

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